Herogi Overview

What is Herogi?

Herogi is a cloud based complex event processing tool that allows you to take real-time actions without having to change application. Herogi handles all of the challenges, from scaling to support multiple actions/integrations.

Who is Herogi for?

Herogi is for businesses that need to take real-time actions on events with flexible rules in a smart way. We can processes millions of events each day and apply your actions.


It’s easy to integrate with Herogi. You can start sending events to Herogi by using our rest endpoints or available client libraries then you can easily add your favorite web services for email, sms, push or even your own web services.

Marketers & Product People

Once your events started to float into Herogi engine, you can start to design scenarios with advanced rules and validations to take actions on real-time events. Then you can monitor scenarios and collect useful insights about your product/campaign or customers.