Complex Validations

Once you have validations created as explained in user guide, you can use it along with your transitions. You just need to add a validation string to your transition.

Validation String

Validation string is an expression which results boolean true or false.

Each transition has a validation string and it looks like;


In addition to simple validations you can also create complex validations by combining operators and other validations.

Combining Multiple Validations

You can combine multiple validations with operators listed below;

Operator Description
&& Logical And operator
|| Logical Or operator
! Not operator
() Grouping

Tip:If you want to learn more about boolean algebra you can check this link.

For example;

If you have 3 validations are called checkDay,cartValue, isMember

You can have validation string as combined;

validation.checkDay && validation.cartValue && validation.isMember

or you can group validations together;

(validation.checkDay && validation.cartValue) || !validation.isMember